Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Child Sexual Abuse Material Increase

The Australian Federal Police reported in The Age (8.2.12) that they now find hundreds of thousands and even millions of images of child abuse material on suspects' computers.  The Cyber Crime Unit Head commented that there was no empirical evidence of an increase in the number of paedophiles but that access to images of child pornography had become easier with the advent of the internet.
It is heartening to know that international law enforcement agencies are co-operating on this issue and that there was a 30 percent increase in arrests for child pornography offences in 2011.

Blocking child pornography sites coming into and within Australia is essential but this is a technological solution to a social problem.  We have to tackle the underlying issues with child abuse.  Not all child abusers have caches of images on their computers.  Many are just involved in local contact offences. 

We would encourage the Government to fund more early intervention and rehabilitation programs including those for adolescents with sexually abusive behaviours and children with problematic sexual behaviours.

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