Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Naming Paedophiles

The report into vulnerable children and child protection has been released. The 900 page report includes recommendations around extending mandatory reporting to include childcare workers and kindergarten teachers, clerics being required to report colleagues in religious organisations if suspected of child abuse and repeal of the law that requires sex offenders names to be suppressed.  The difficulty with publicising the names of paedophiles is that most children and young people know their offender.  Whilst we can all understand why parents would like to know if a paedophile lives in their neighbourhood, identifying sex offenders will often identify their victims and families.  This report was about the protection of vulnerable children. Identifying them and their relatives is not in their long term interests. 
Many people do not behave kindly in society.  Children target other children.  Adults are known to engage in vigilante behaviour.  The monitoring of paedophiles is a job for the Parole Board who have the power to impose restrictions on where people live and who they associate with. If we think their powers are not far reaching enough then we need to lobby for them to be increased.

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