Monday, 7 May 2012

Allegations of Child Sexual Assault in Small Communities

It becomes increasingly obvious that communities are not able to deal with allegations of child sexual assault internally.  There are frequent calls for independent outside organisations to investigate suggestions of wrongdoing in the Police Force and other large organisations with suggestions that people in power will try and cover up things to save face or protect the hierarchy.  There needs to be a far ranging discussion with communities including various cults, orthodox Jewish organisations, indigenous communities and all groups where elders have prestige and privileged positions about the difficulty of dealing with these issue internally.
Often those in authority do not understand child sexual abuse and its effects and consequences.  Many times people in charge do not want to see the community brought into disrepute.  But every time we hide child sexual abuse and forgive paedophiles children learn that they are not to be protected and their interests and needs are subservient to those of the people in charge.

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