Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Australian Defence Force Sexual Abuse

Recently there has been considerable publicity around claims of sexual and physical abuse in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) going back over 60 years. These claims have been ignored or discouraged. Times have changed in relation to sexual abuse over the past three decades. What could be brushed under the carpet 60 years ago is going to become public knowledge in this age when social media is available to most people. A report has been prepared following the investigation of approximately 800 complaints by the law firm DLA Piper. The investigation followed the 'Skype' scandal when two male cadets at the ADF filmed an 18 year old female cadet having sex. 
Large organisations with hierarchical commands such as the ADF and the Catholic Church need to establish structures parallel to the usual line management to whom victims can report abuse. In house investigations will always be under pressure to minimise what has happened and support their elites.

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