Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Senior Catholic Clergy and Sexual Assault

Yet again the Catholic Church is in the news about sexual assault with allegations (The Age 4.7.12) that senior clergy failed to pass on evidence to the authorities relating to accusations of sexual assault by a priest in New South Wales.
It appears that in some cases the Church has known about paedophilic priests over decades and has dealt with it by moving them to other parishes.  Perhaps it is time that mandatory reporting was extended to include religious members of organisations such as the Catholic Church.  This would remove the current defenses used by the Church of not knowing the details, or not knowing the victims' names or being unsure about what happened.  They would be mandated as are other people in the community to report to Child Protection if they believed a child was at risk of abuse.


  1. I would encourage all to read a book written by Chrissie Foster called Hell on the Way to Heaven. In it is one families devastating story after a catholic priest molested both her daughters, and what lengths the heirachy of the church went to in order to cover such things, all right here in Victoria, our own back yard!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation. Hopefully this and more will come out in the inquiry and the Church will be forced to change its ways.