Sunday, 5 August 2012

Parliamentary Inquiry into Sexual Abuse of Children in Religious and Other Institutions

SECASA encourages people to make a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into child abuse.  Although the paperwork relating to making a submission is daunting the process is not too hard.  If it is easier for you dot point your comments. Do not feel that you have to answer every question in the submission pro forma.
Take this opportunity to let the Inquiry know about what happened to you.  Your submission can be confidential.  Your details will not be released.  This is an opportunity for you to make your views known to the Government and hence to the institution that allowed you to be assaulted.

The Inquiry has until Friday 31st August 2012 to accept submissions.  If you need any help with your submissions any CASAs in Victoria will be able to assist.  Call 1800 806 292 for your nearest CASA.

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