Sunday, 7 October 2012

SECASA's 35th Birthday

SECASA is 35 years old.  Although we often think that there are not enough services for victims of sexual assault it is important to appreciate how far we have all travelled in the sexual assault field.  When SECASA started in the Queen Vic Hospital in 1977 the only assistance for victims of a recent sexual assault was a medical in the Russell Street Police Station with the Police Surgeon Peter Bush. Later when he moved to the Queen Vic to provide medicals there was a social worker available to assist victims.  Slowly the service grew and other services started to operate.  Children were provided with counselling, victims of childhood sexual assault and men were provided with specific counselling.  Slowly the field grew until there are now 16 CASAs with over 200 staff and a statewide budget of over $18 million.  We may not see this as enough but it is also a cause to celebrate what we have achieved which is what SECASA did at its 35th birthday.

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