Friday, 11 January 2013


It is tempting when faced with heinous crimes to want to see the perpetrators punished in a way that makes them suffer like the victim.  One of the criteria by which we can judge a democracy is how they deal with their worst criminals.  SECASA works with the consequences of many violent crimes.  We support people through their recovery and healing. We can understand why some victims and their families and friends might want extreme penalties for offenders.  However, we will all suffer if we allow extreme crimes such as Jill Meagher’s murder, the young rape victim in India’s death or a child’s rape to be used to support calls to bring back the death penalty or excessive penalties that allow no opportunity for rehabilitation.
What we need are opportunities to learn about the motivation for violent crimes so we can put programs in place to prevent people growin g up thinking that sort of behaviour is acceptable. 

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