Saturday, 23 March 2013

John Laws Interview With Victim of Childhood Sexual Assault

John Laws is used to controversy about his radio program interviews.  The current issue is about an interview with a 44 year old woman who was sexually assaulted by her male family members from the age of 6 to 18.  There is an outcry about Mr Laws asking the woman if she thought she was to blame in anyway and another remark about the male offenders "having a good time with you."  Whilst offensive to many people the remarks did not upset the woman who rang back later to say she was not offended.  We have to give survivors of childhood sexual assault and adult rape some credibility.  John Laws has been running a radio show for several decades.  People who listen and ring in know his approach. 

Anonymous On-Line Reporting S.A.R.A.

The application Sexual Assault Reporting Anonymously that was launched on Tuesday 19th March 2013 has started to receive anonymous reports from victims of assault and harrassment. This anonymous information can be passed onto police anywhere in Australia. 

Sex Outside Marriage Laws

A 15 year old woman in the Maldives in facing 100 lashes in public following being found guilty of sex outside marriage.  There is something that defies logic about sentencing a young woman for a crime that only exists because it suits men to blame women for their bad behaviour. The 15 year old states that she was raped by her stepfather and others over a number of years. Her stepfather is charged with murdering the baby she bore. The Maldives is a popular tourist destination. However, under Sharia Law women and children are regularly punished for having been victims of childhood sexual assault or adult rape. One in three women between the ages of 15 - 49 have been victims of sexual or physical abuse. No rapists were convicted in the past three years. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

S.A.R.A - Sexual Assault Reporting Anonymously Application

SECASA has created a free app for iphones, ipads and Androids which allows people to report sexual assault and harrassment anonymously. It is also available on a website. Whilst unwilling to make a formal report for many reasons, people often suggest they would like to assist other people to avoid what happened to them.  This application will allow them to do that.  This app does not collect personal data unless you choose to give it but it will allow serial offending, unsafe areas and other information to be collected and stored by Emerg who assisted in the production of the app.  At regular intervals SECASA will pass anonymous data to Police around the country.