Tuesday, 12 March 2013

S.A.R.A - Sexual Assault Reporting Anonymously Application

SECASA has created a free app for iphones, ipads and Androids which allows people to report sexual assault and harrassment anonymously. It is also available on a website. Whilst unwilling to make a formal report for many reasons, people often suggest they would like to assist other people to avoid what happened to them.  This application will allow them to do that.  This app does not collect personal data unless you choose to give it but it will allow serial offending, unsafe areas and other information to be collected and stored by Emerg who assisted in the production of the app.  At regular intervals SECASA will pass anonymous data to Police around the country. 
Download S.A.R.A. at the itunes app store or Google Play.  A web based version is available at www.sara.org.au.

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