Saturday, 18 May 2013

Child Sexual Assault in Orthodox Jewish Community

This weekend in The Australian Magazine is an article about Manny Waks speaking out against child sexual assault in his orthodox Jewish Community and the consequences for him and his family.  As always the powerful men in the community would like to deal with this issue in house. Religious communities and large organisations such as Defence alway start out wanting to deal with matters in house often using the excuse that outsiders will not understand their religion, culture or general situaton.  Outsiders used to dealing with the sexual assault of children understand only too well that powerful men have friends and supporters and will alway try and silence those who bring their actions into public scrutiny.
This has resulted in the Victoria the Parliamentary Inquiry Into The Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Non Government Institutions and the Royal Commission On Child Sexual Abuse as various organisations and elements of the Catholic Church tried to keep past child sexual abuse quiet and out of the public arena.  If you want to talk about your situation call a Centre Against Sexual Assault which, although probably working with a range of organisations in their region, will have no affiliation with any of them that will influence the CASAs capacity to assist you. Telephone 1800 806 292.

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