Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Vincent Cicconi - Psychologist

Vincent Cicconi was found guilty by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal of professional misconduct for having a three year abusive sexual relationship with a patient 20 years younger than him.  A breach of a professional relationship is a cause for serious concern.  The patient abused by Mr Cicconi had sought treatment for depression and anxiety as well as having alcohol and drug. Mr Cicconi has been deregistered for 15 months.  This seems an extremely short amount of time in light of the length of the relationship he had with a patient. It would be inappropriate for a professional in a therapeutic relationship with a client or patient to become sexually involved with them.  To become involved with a person seeking help for substance abuse issues and depression and anxiety deserves censure beyond 15 months deregistration. 
Vulnerable people need to be safe seeking assistance from counsellors and therapists.

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