Saturday, 26 October 2013

Defence Skype Scandal Sentencing Disgrace

Late last year General David Hurley Defence Chief delivered an apology to all people with the Force who had suffered sexual abuse.  Army Chief David Morrison subsequently made a video with an inspirational message about the importance of respecting women and telling his troops that if they could not do that they should "get out".  Following the recommendations after the DLA Piper review into abuse in the Defence Force and the review by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce was set up to assess and respond to individual cases of abuse with the Defence Force.  It is clear that the Defence Force has taken its responsibilities seriously around sexual assault with the Force.  It is a disgrace that they have been let down by the sentences handed down to the two young men Dylan Deblaquiere and Daniel McDonald who were involved in skyping consensual sex between another cadet "Kate" and McDonald.  Both men were sentenced and given a good behaviour bond
It is hard to understand how this is a reasonable penalty given the gravity of the offence and also their unrepentent behaviour.  Women deserve better treatment than this from the Courts.

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