Sunday, 23 February 2014

Thurgoona pharmacist dropped by Soul Pattinson

Simon Horsfall is a pharmacist in Thurgoona, Albury who says that his local priest advised him against dispensing emergency contraception.   Clearly Mr Horsfall has a right to his religious beliefs.  However, there are complications with sensitive issues such as contraception, condoms and emergency contraception.  Mr Horsfall has apparently put notes in packets of the oral contraceptive pill for over 12 years stating "If your primary reson for taking this medicine is contraceptive then it would be appreciated, that in the future, you could respect our views and have your OCP prescriptions filled elsewhere."  This is relatively honest.  Emergency contraception is a more difficult issue.  There is a window when it is effective which is approximately 72 hours.  To send a person away to go three kilometres to the next pharmacy without warning them about the time constraints is not honest. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Lancet Report on Incidents of Sexual Assault Worldwide

New research published in The Lancet reports that 1 in 14 women have been sexual assaulted at least once in their lives by someone other than an intimate partner.  Causing interest in the media has been the assertion that Australia and New Zealand have a very high rate of sexual assault.  But it will show as higher than other regions such as North Africa and South Asia for a number of reasons.  Australia and New Zealand's definitions of rape are broader than most countries. Reporting rates, although known to be low, are likely to be higher than in countries where women are punished for being raped. 

Salvation Army Victims

The Salvation Army should be commended for the Commissioner James Condon publicly stating that the Salvation Army no longer considers its reputation a priority when dealing with victims of child sexual assault. "The priority is the survivor, not protection of the Salvation Army" he told the Royal Commisson earlier this month. A new process is being trialled called 'People First' which provides an unreserved apology and a lump sum payment to victims.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Eminem's Mysogynist Rants

US rapper Eminem has made a career out of causing outrage.  This is often no more than entertainment. You have to have something different to sell in his area or no-one takes any notice. However, entertainment or not the costant denigration of women, the violent rapes and murders he details in his rap songs make this world a more dangerous place for women generally.  His vicious abuse of his ex wife Kim is pure self indulgence and should not be encouraged. 
Australian Immigration Fact Sheet 78 on Controversial Visa Applications refers to  "people whose presence in Australia may, because of their activities, reputation, known record or the cause they represent and propagate, vilify or incite discord in the Australian community or a segment of that community, or represent a danger to the Australian community or a segment of that community."

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sexual Assault Reporting Anonymously S.A.R.A. and Victoria Police

Victoria Police are to be congratulated on finding a way to accept our information from our S.A.R.A app.  The app has been in existence for over a year and we receive regular anonymous reports from people who have been assaulted.  Sometimes these reports are from other States and Territories.