Sunday, 23 February 2014

Thurgoona pharmacist dropped by Soul Pattinson

Simon Horsfall is a pharmacist in Thurgoona, Albury who says that his local priest advised him against dispensing emergency contraception.   Clearly Mr Horsfall has a right to his religious beliefs.  However, there are complications with sensitive issues such as contraception, condoms and emergency contraception.  Mr Horsfall has apparently put notes in packets of the oral contraceptive pill for over 12 years stating "If your primary reson for taking this medicine is contraceptive then it would be appreciated, that in the future, you could respect our views and have your OCP prescriptions filled elsewhere."  This is relatively honest.  Emergency contraception is a more difficult issue.  There is a window when it is effective which is approximately 72 hours.  To send a person away to go three kilometres to the next pharmacy without warning them about the time constraints is not honest. 
Pharmacist like Mr Horsfall should be required to provide information in writing about the 72 hours and also the nearest pharmacy that will provide this item. Without doing this he is not adhering to the ethical requirements of the Pharmacy Guild for pharmacists to put the welfare of their patients first.

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