Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Right to Choose and Rapists and Paedophiles

Periodically ridiculous statements appear in the media from people who do not really understand a situation. To think this of Liberal Upper House MP Bernie Finn would be doing him a favour.  There is no excuse for even raising the matter of terminations for raped women and children. No reasonable person would expect a woman or a child to continue against their will for 9 months carrying a child whose father is a violent, unprincipled man. Not only are you condemning a female to 9 months of distress if they really do not want to carry this child but you are condemning a developing human being to 9 months of negative emotions. What a great start to life.

If Mr Finn is so worried about this situation there are many useful campaigns he could wage including the provision of adequate resource for Human Services to provide protection for children against paedophiles, adequate funding to provide family violence services to assist women in violent relationships and respectful relationship programs in all state schools to encourage everyone to treat other people with respect.

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