Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Child Sexual Abuse Material

Child sexual abuse material is more often known as child pornography which disguises what it actually is and what happens children and babies being sexually assaulted.I thought that everyone, well everyone I knew, understood the horror of child sexual abuse material.  This was until Sunday night when I was having dinner with a group of friends.  One of them, an academic who specializes in an area that requires empathy for vulnerable people, made a comment that surprised me whilst we were discussing the Rolf Harris court case and subsequent sentencing. The comment was that they did not understand why people were charged for looking at child pornography as it as a victimless crime. Of course it is not a victimless crime as the actual looking at the material creates the demand that then has children, including babies, sexually assaulted and in some cases in real time on peer-to-peer networks.
The conversation ended with a greater understanding of the issue but has still left me aware of how much education is still required in the area of sexual assault.

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