Monday, 7 July 2014

Norma's Project - The Sexual Assault of Older Women

Norma's Project report discusses a hidden area of sexual assault that of women in their later years.  The report looks at the contexts in which this abuse occurs and at the attitudes to older women that keeps such assaults a secret. In 2012 there were 344 reports of alleged unlawful sexual contact in Australian aged-care facilities.  Given we already know that very few sexual assaults are reported and that the more vulnerable you are the more likely you are to be assault, this figure will be far lower than the actual number of assaults. The report recommends providing education and information for older women and their families, training for aged-care staff in preventing and responding to suspected sexual assaults and closer relationships between facilities and local CASAs.
But in addition to the assaults that may take place in institutions that can be regulated and monitored most assaults will be taking place in homes where there are no protocols or places to people to whom to report.  This report will be the beginning to making a change to the life of women caught in these situations.

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