Sunday, 14 December 2014


Uber should not be allowed to operate in Victoria or Australia.  It is not a safe option for women.  Any predator could be operating one of the unlicensed cars.  The CASAs have the occasional report of a sexual assault by a reputable taxi firm's driver.  In these situations we have, if the victim has chosen not to report to the Police, a way of bringing it to the attention of the driver's employer.What happens if it was an Uber driver?
In India the multinational taxi service Uber hired a sex offender with a number of serious complaints against his name as a driver. He then raped a 27 year old woman who hailed the cab he was driving on her way home from work. Victoria and Australia does not need more unsupervised, unlicensed men driving taxis.  It needs more training and accountability from the firms and drivers that are already operating.

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