Thursday, 4 December 2014

Zac Webster

Zac Webster is a recent recruit to the 2014 premiership winners Hawthorn.  He has been banned from the club from two pre season practice games for being convicted of filming women engaging in sex acts without their consent.  His penalty in Tasmania was a fine and 140 hours of community service.  Mr Webster initially omitted to mention his charges when being interviewed by Hawthorn.  This raises two issues.  One why would they want someone in the club who has lied to them right at the start. Secondly if he thinks this is reasonable behaviour at this stage in his career how is he likely to behave when he becomes rich and famous as an AFL player?
It still seems difficult for the AFL and the clubs to get their minds around this behaviour is unacceptable.  If they want to hold these young men up as stars to children sending them into hospitals and schools surely they should be asking for a higher standard of behaviour than that offered by Zac Webster.

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