Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Floyd Mayweather

What is it about the Australian Government that they grant visas to violent men or men who preach about violence such as Julien Blanc.  This time Floyd Mayweather is thinking about coming to Australia at the end of the month.   Mr Mayweather has been arrested or cited by Police for 7 assaults against 5 different women.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

We Are Not Animals

Why do the various terrorist groups around think they deserve respect when the men who run them rape, kill and mutilate girls.  Do they think we do not notice 10 year old girls blown to pieces by men hiding in the shadows?  If you want to kill women and children and elderly in market places stop being cowards and face those you are murdering.  Do not use small girls who are afraid and not old enough to know what they are doing.
Does the man who posted an advertisement selling a young girl in pyjamas as a sex slave think we will not notice?  What sort of men answer that type of advertisement?  Does Boko Haram think that we have forgotten the 200 children they abducted last year even if the Nigerian Government seems to have done so.
We have not forgotten them.  We will not forget the small girls with explosives strapped to their little bodies.  Neither will we forgive.  These men under the guise of religion are no better than the men who groom their own and other children for sexual gratification.  It is all about sexual access to unwilling victims.