Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sexploitation Advertisements

First we had the inappropriate Body Shop campaign with a naked man covering his genitals with a fig tree shaped soap on a rope with "Get Some of the Good Stuff" as the slogan. We expect better from the Body Shop who markets itself as responsible and aware of social issues.
Now Klara Cosmetics have ads with tag lines such as "Just Kiss Me, Don't Ask" and "Be Passionate and Leave No Evidence." These ads have a model wearing bright red lipstick with her mouth open who looks as though she is in her mid teens.  Whilst I am sure she is older than 15 given advertising requirements, it nevertheless is a tacky advertising campaign which is totally irresponsible given the current discussion and legislative changes in relation to consent.  Klara's campaign also looks as though it is aimed at the adolescent market which is even more irresponsible given the adolescents and early twenties is one of the age groups with the highest sexual assault rate.

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