Sunday, 10 May 2015


Uber is basically an unregulated system of cheap transport that is  dangerous for women.  The drivers, whilst having Police Checks, are untrained and it appears unsupervised.  A young woman was sexually assaulted in Sydney a couple of weeks ago by an Uber driver and it was difficult for her to find anyone at Uber who would take any action.

With reputably taxi companies you know that the taxi drivers are trained and licenced.  They have their picture in the cab and there are cameras.  Whilst assaults may occur occasionally you are able to take the number and not only report to the Police but report to the taxi company and the Taxi Directorate.  Hailing cabs in the street is not a good idea if you are alone and have been drinking as there is no record of the trip.  If you ring a taxi company there is a record of the trip and they will know who the driver is.  The driver does not have your telephone number although they will have your home address if they drive you home.  With Uber the driver will have your telephone number as well as your address.

An interesting twist to this occurred when I caught a taxi last week and was told by the taxi driver that he thought he had missed his previous fare as an unmarked car, which he thought was an Uber car, pulled up alongside the women hailing the taxi. She talked to the driver of the car for a few minutes and then walked back to the taxi. The taxi driver asked her if it was an Uber car and she said that it was just a man who stopped and asked her if she wanted a lift into town for $10.  She said she stopped and spoke to him because she thought it was an Uber car.

This is a particularly dangerous development if anyone can pull over and offer a lift and women are stopping to talk because they are becoming used to unmarked cars.

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