Monday, 31 August 2015

Two young women ordered to be raped for brother's supposed crime

Two sisters from a remote village in rural India have had a sentenced handed down by an unofficial 'court' run by male elders.  This sentence is because their brother is seen as having transgressed against this village's cast system.  The 'court' which handed down the sentence are part of an archaic system of justice that exists in much of rural India.  The penalties handed down usually affect women with the majority being honour killings or sexual 'punishments' which constitute just another reason for men to sexually assault women and hope to get away with it.
The two young women have left the village and have asked the Indian Supreme Court to protect them and their family.  The Indian Government needs to shut down these archaic systems which have no place in a society that is modernising at a fast rate.  The Government needs to have a systematic campaign against these systems backed up with legislative penalties for those who use them as an excuse for murder and rape both of which are crimes in India.

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