Thursday, 7 January 2016

A bad start to the New Year

It is as if someone has declared open season on women with all the nonsense that has been going on the past couple of weeks.  Not that women do not get assaulted, harassed and insulted regularly but Western men have usually learnt to be more subtle about their behaviour or at least it seemed as though they had.  Now we have Minister Peter Dutton's comments about journalist Samantha Maiden and Jamie Briggs resigning from cabinet after harassing a public servant in a Hong Kong bar.  So it is clear that many politicians are only paying lip service to gender equality issues.  Then there is the matter of the cricketer Chris Gale propositioning a woman on camera whilst being interviewed by her and later another woman revealing that he had exposed his genitals when she went into the changing rooms believing them to be empty. Sportsmen have been notorious for sexist behaviour for a long time but the various sports have been at pains to tell us that they are dealing with this issue.  Finally we have a gang of men in Cologne setting out to deliberately sexually assault women on New Year's Eve.

Clearly we are all being too polite with our campaigns for gender equality if this is the type of behaviour that many people see as acceptable. We will have to think of new ways to get the point across that we will not be treated in this manner and that when the men around the perpetrators do not speak out we will see them as also culpable.

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