Sunday, 10 January 2016

Mel Gibson

It is extraordinary that only four months ago the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Minister for Women Michaelia Cash were clear that it was not acceptable to issue a visa to American singer Chris Brown as he had a conviction for domestic violence.  Here we are in a new year when the rules have clearly changed and another American star, who does have permanent residency but a history of family violence, is given a grant by the New South Wales Government to start filming.  Mel Gibson has a history of domestic violence not to mention anti Semitism and racism.

Hollywood has a short memory about transgressions by film stars and directors.  Roman Polanski has had no difficult attracting money to make films even though he raped a 13 year old girl and has not been back to the United States since he escaped to Europe for fear of going to jail.  Hollywood clearly has its own standards but we can expect better from our politicians especially in a year when Rosie Batty was named Australian of the Year, Victoria has a Royal Commission into Family Violence and there is a nationwide debate about how to deal with this scourge.

Perhaps all we have left is to organise a boycott of the movie.

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