Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Bad Behaviour

In the past twenty-four hours there have been media articles about bad behaviour at Melbourne University and the University of New South Wales Baxter College.  Melbourne University students have an offensive Facebook page and there has been commentary about how the “Hotties of Melbourne Uni” Facebook page perpetuates rape culture by normalising predatory behaviour towards women. Baxter College undergraduates have been the subject of a 7.30 Report on the ABC about misogynist and sexist chants which took place on a ‘Boys Night Out.’   Both the Facebook page and the sexist behaviour have been roundly condemned.

The problem is however that these young men think this behaviour is even remotely acceptable.   These young men are in the privileged position of attending tertiary institutions and will become leaders in our community in decades to come.  By allowing these attitudes to continue universities are not taking responsibility for the upholding of societal norms and the strengthening of an equal society. Universities need a campaign across the country aimed at male undergraduates about acceptable behaviour and suspension or being expelled for bad behaviour of this nature.

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