Friday, 13 January 2017

Music Festivals and Duty of Care

There has been a lot of publicity about music festivals and injured patrons in the past couple of weeks. Another issue that arises in mosh pits and at festivals generally is women being groped or raped. Last year the Rainbow Festival had their staff trained in how to deal with disclosures of sexual assault and where to refer people.  The Seven Sisters Festival later this year has given SECASA a space where they can offer counselling to any women who are triggered to remember past assaults by the Festival activities.
It seems a good idea that all large festivals train their staff in dealing with sexual assaults, sexual harassment and disclosure. It would not be difficult to provide a safe space for women, and some men, to come to if they felt they were being harassed or had been assaulted.  I am sure CASAs would be willing to provide staff for such places.

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