Sunday, 26 February 2017

Melbourne Response

The Melbourne Response, although intended to provide assistance and support victims of abuse by Catholic Church personnel, has always been a cause of distress for a large number of victims. The cause of distress has been the signing away of legal rights if accessing compensation.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Roman Polanski

In 1977 Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old girl at film star Jack Nicholson's house in Los Angeles. He was accused of drugging the girl before raping her.  Mr Polanski fled to France in 1978 when he apparently thought he was going to be given a long sentence for the crime.  He is now seeking permission to return to the United States with an agreement that he will not be jailed for this crime. The claim put forward is that he reached a plea deal before he escaped to Europe and that he has already served 42 days for statutory rape in Chino State Prison.

Catholic Church pays out $276 million in compensation for sexual abuse of children

The Royal Commission heard recently that the number of claims for compensation against the Catholic Church  has risen to 4445 with 2854 resulting in compensation being paid.  A number of cases are still proceeding.  The concern with these figures, which are in themselves unacceptably high, is that we know from Australian Bureau of Statistics data that only 1 in 10 people report sexual assault.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Rapist's sentence tripled by Court of Appeal

It is reassuring that the Court of Appeal has a grasp of the consequences of intra-familial sexual assaults. The stepfather who sexually assaulted his 11 year old step daughter four times was originally given a 720 days sentence and put on a three-year community corrections order.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Tim Worner

It is hard to understand in this climate how a CEO of a company like Seven can have an affair with a worker, have questions asked about his use of a corporate credit and drug usage and be found to be suitable to remain in his job.  Even if the Seven West board accepts that there was no proof that Worner misused his credit card or used drugs he has admitted to having an affair with a female junior staff member.