Saturday, 4 March 2017

Nagaland Women

The men in Nagaland in India's far north-east have won the right to operate outside a Supreme Court ruling that 33 percent of seats in elected bodies are kept exclusively for women candidates. This is not because they believe the quota system does not work which might be a discussion in the West but that women's place is in the kitchen and not in public life.
The local women have said that they see this as a set back but believe that eventually they will get to participate in public life because justice is on their side. We wish the women of Nagaland success in their fight with outdated ideas which will not help anyone in their tribal grouping in the end. However, it is worth remembering that men rarely give up power without a struggle.  Why would they?  I am assuming that they do not have to perform domestic duties or take responsibility for child care in these lands. There is no good reason, other than justice and a belief in equality, that would make men want to enforce the ruling if they have to start doing these things.  Clearly these are not beliefs they hold at present.  Perhaps the women will be able to assist them in moving to such idea.

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