Saturday, 8 July 2017

Adass School Principal

Rabbi Meir Shlomo Kluwgant has made his views on victims of childhood sexual assault quite clear over a period of time and in his interactions with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse.  To appoint him head of the Adass School given their already vexed situation in relation to Malka Leifer who the Board of Adass flew to Israel after she was accused of abusing students is an insult to Ms Leifer's victims and victims everywhere. He is clearly a man who has no consideration for child abuse victims.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


I understand that many people find Uber a very convenient, cheap option for transport but I feel very uneasy about the concept that there are no cameras and no over arching body that you can talk to if there is a sexual assault.  I know you can report to the Police but many people do not want to report to the Police and Uber takes no responsibility for their contractors.

However that is a minor issue compared to the one reported in The Age Saturday 1.7.17 where a man posed as a ride share driver and picked up a woman he later raped. Uber's spokesperson stated that you should only get into a car for which the Uber app shows the make, model and number plate. However, this assumes that everyone is concentrating all the time, have not had a few drinks or are not vulnerable.  At least with taxis you know they are taxis.  I still do not like the idea of unidentified cars being able to pick people up.