Saturday, 19 May 2018

Sip Safe Wristbands

Monash University and a private company R & R have launched a wristband, Sip Safe, which allows you to check for drugs in a drink by putting a drop of your drink on the wristband.  If this assist detect drink spiking with illicit drugs then it is a good idea.  However, it would not be a good idea to get too complacent. 

Malka Leifer

The Malka Leifer saga moves into another year with another psychiatric assessment being ordered.  The people trying to stop her return to Australia are showing complete and utter contempt for the alleged victims of sexually assault at her hands.  If she had committed a crime against the Israel State I doubt if it would take this long to extradite her from another country.

Public Register of Offenders

The discussion has started again about having a public register of offenders so that people can know if they have a registered sex offender living in their area.  The United States has had a public register for a number of years and there is no evidence to show that it has reduced offending rates.  It has at times proven to be counterproductive with it leading to the identification of survivors, a rise in vigilantism and creating a sense of security about knowing who and where the offenders are.